London escorts talk about contraception

As London escorts we believe that we can bring awareness to sexual health and precautions. So a couple of the girls from London escorts and I decided to look into what types of contraception there are for females so that we can help educate younger girls who are considering having sex.

We started looking at the contraceptive diaphragm also known as the contraceptive cap. This isn’t a popular form of female contraception just due to the fact that it’s quite awkward to input into the vagina and quite thick and bulky preventing full sensation of penetration. The funny thing is many London escorts don’t even know what this form of contraception is.

The most popular form of female contraception would be the combined pill this is basically a pill that has artificial versions of oestrogen and progesterone progesterone which prevents the egg and the sperm for meeting as it stops the egg from being produced from the ovaries. Many London escorts at Charlotte Epsom Escorts use this form of contraception however a fair few don’t like the fact that their hormones are being manipulated. However all London escorts acknowledge this form of contraception as a reliable one as long as it’s taken regularly and consistently.

For ladies looking for a nonhormonal option but one that is more convenient than the contraceptive They might want to consider having an IUD fitted. I had no idea what an IUD was until the ladies at London escorts explain to me what it is. Basically it is a T shaped instrument that is fitted into your uterus the copper that the instrument is made from alters the cervical mucus stopping a fertilised egg from being able to stick to the uterus walls and also prevents the sperm from reaching an egg. London escorts also told me that there is a hormonal version of an IUD called an IUS. This is a plastic T shaped instrument similar to the copper one however it excretes hormones that prevent pregnancy.

Another form of contraception quite alien to London escorts is the vagina ring. This is literally a circle shape to ring that you insert into your uterus it last for one month and works just like the contraceptive pill as it releases hormones into your bloodstream both oestrogen and pedestrian that prevents the release of eggs from the ovaries. After doing their research London escorts feel that this is a useful and effective form of contraception however you do have to change it on a monthly basis unlike the pill.

Last but not least one of London escort‘s favourite forms of contraception is the condom. London escorts prefer this type of contraception as it is easy to use nowhere near as thick as the female condom or the cap.  And is 100% effective as long as it doesn’t break. So in short if you’re using a condom no rough sex. London escorts also mentioned that if you have an allergy towards latex condoms should not be used.